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Information plant



Nanjing, China


Installation / Chlorophyll printing/


 I endow a visual entity with these digital products of this era, extract each person’s previous pictures from social media, and use chlorophyll printing technology as the carrier of time and life to produce complete pseudo-plant installations of different varieties, shapes, and temperaments. These installations are designed to simulate the slowly decaying process of plants, from their birth, peak to disappearance, and finally they wither slowly as no one “waters”.

Chlorophyll printing is also a metaphor for time and life while displaying photos. Traces of time will be marked in these living plants, which also come to an end with the passing of time, so they are the most suitable carrier as the entity of the disappearance of digital photos, representing a period of life, from sprout, growth, maturity, and decay to death.

In addition, photos from different people ’s social media are combined with varieties of leaves. Factors such as personalities, life levels, and exposure to the Internet all affect the shape and life habits of the person's information plants.

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